Welcome to Copernicus Called!

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the Copernicus Called Blog! We are very excited about this project.

A brief overview of what exactly this blog entails.

The purpose of our blog is to accentuate and discuss current scientific topics. With the steadily increasing amount of information published online, it becomes more challenging to keep up with the times. In the past few decades alone, the various fields of science have grown exponentially. Although it is great for our society, it can be a challenge for the population to stay aware and up to date. We at the Copernicus Called Blog are here to help.

We want to do everything in our power to help the curious. For those who are fascinated by physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, anthropology, and the many other fields of science, we hope to enlighten our audience as best we can with current scientific issues. Gene editing, the cognitive mind, space exploration, the discovery of new hominin species….. all of these will be covered in our blog.

We will also review science-related books and films, and highlight scientists, both past and present (I mean, we are named after the famous Nicolaus Copernicus).

Another aspect of our blog is to consider issues that are currently “topics of discussion” in today’s society. These topics include, but are not limited to, GMO’s, vaccinations, and  global climate change. We hope to highlight the controversial issues of these topics and discuss why the media is misrepresenting what current scientific methods actually suggest.

The Copernicus Crew will also be completely open to feedback from our viewers. If you see a confusing science story, or have questions on any story that you may hear , please do not hesitate to email us at our email copernicuscalledblog@gmail.com or contact us via Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr.

Now, here is a tiny bit of information on the team behind the Copernicus Called Blog.

pictureCody Wolf: As a young kid, I was always fascinated with living creatures. 99% of my childhood was spent either crawling on the ground examining insects, destroying my back yard looking for dinosaurs, or looking up at the stars and wondering just how big our universe actually is. Once I was introduced to biology in high school, I became officially hooked. Learning about how cells and tissues work together so that we can walk, and talk intrigued me so much that I told myself that I had to learn as much as possible. I recently graduated with a Bachelor’s in Biology, and am now currently working towards my Master’s Degree where I study cancer cells and how they metastasize throughout the body. I hope to eventually earn a Ph.D and teach the next generation of scientists. 

Jane_BlogJane Neal: I’m currently attending school to earn a degree in English with an emphasis on writing creatively. As a kid, I hated reading and much preferred running around outside and pretending to be lost in big forests. When I was introduced to Harry Potter, I became obsessed and re-reading those books on repeat for three or four years (there were only four at the time). Before that, I never had the patience for any stories outside of animated movies and cartoons. I have a lot of opinions on books, movies, animation, and representation in all of the above. Once I earn my Bachelor’s degree, I plan on attending grad school for an MFA.

This blog will be saved in our About us section.